All students are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner at all times and in all places. The whole-hearted co-operation of parents / guardians is expected in the formation of the character of their children/wards.

As the student progresses from the lower to the higher classes, he/she will be given increasing opportunity to shift from conforming to extremely imposed order to self-imposed discipline.
Punctuality should be strictly observed. Those who come late without valid reasons may not be permitted to enter the classroom. A record of late-comers will be maintained in the diary and appropriate action will be taken, depending upon the frequency of default. Depending upon the frequency of default a student after reprimand & information to the parent can be suspended / rusticated from the school with the approval of the ministry. Parents are requested to co-operate in this regard.
Regular attendance is necessary. For all Classes 95% attendance is obligatory otherwise they will not be eligible to sit in the qualifyingexams.Absence is not permitted unless leave is applied for, on valid grounds and granted by the Principal/H.M. Parents are expected to make the necessary entries in the pupils’ diary (Leave/Absence Record) while making a request for sanction of leave. Separate applications should be sent for leave exceeding 3 days. The names of those who remain absent for one month without permission will be struck off the rolls. Re-admission will be made on payment of re-admission fee, depending on availability of seats. Pupils must attend School from the re-opening day, after the vacation. If absence is due to sickness, a Medical Certificate must be submitted with the leave application. Pupils suffering from contagious diseases will not be allowed to attend the school. If a student happens to miss a test/assignment, for any reason, the same shall not be re-arranged for him/her. A student who fails twice in the same grade will discontinue his/her studies at the school. No pupil is permitted to leave the school premises during the school hours without obtaining permission from the Principal/H.M.

Speaking English in the class and the school premises is compulsory for all pupils.

Pupils must refrain from running, playing and shouting inside the school building

The School expects the co-operation of parents to ensure that their children

  • Come to school regularly on time and are dressed neatly and properly.
  • Bring to school their books and notebooks properly maintained and as per time-table.
  • Prepare for their lessons and do their homework regularly.
  • Pick & drop their wards on time.
  • Offer no gifts to teachers and other staff members.

They are also expected to co-operate with the school authorities by taking active part in the activities of the school. In particular, they should bear in mind that in the interest of their wards, they have entrusted the Principal/H.M./Sectional In-Charge with the authority to admonish and correct the children at their discretion.

Disciplinary action may be taken against children for:

  • Not wearing the proper uniform.
  • Not coming to school on time.
  • Having long hair
  • Not doing the given home work/class work
  • Repeatedly forgetting to bring the necessary text books, note books etc, to the class.
  • Damaging school property.
  • Constantly indulging in misconduct.
  • Fighting with class/school-mates.
  • Misbehaviour with the teachers.
  • Cheating
  • Stealing
  • Bunking the class/school.
  • Using bad language.
  • Any Immoral Act.
  • Use of Whiteners

Parents are advised not to let their children bring expensive articles to school. They should not give them excessive pocket money because the School will not take any responsibility for the belongings of the students.

Students are not allowed to bring audio or video cassettes, mobile phones, disks, CDs,Cameras and other objectionable items to the school. Confiscated items will not be returned at all.
While the Management is extremely careful in taking all safety measures and precautions to avoid and prevent any possible accidents some mishaps may take place. It must be understood that parents/guardians entrust their children/wards to the school staff at their own risk and the Management shall at no time be held responsible for any such incidents inside or outside the school premises and during camps, picnics and excursions.
Parents are requested to notify the school of any change in their address or telephone number. They are also requested to attend all PTM (s).